Getting Started

A guide to the evolution of generative networks

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Presenting the key concepts that enable RL

Getting Started

Use the one-day-per-week principle to gradually tick it

Image by the author. Available on Notion here and as a PDF here.

Implementing a paper in TensorFlow and annotating it


An introduction on working with Image, Audio, and Text data


Hands-on Tutorials

An end-to-end example project with code

Mel-scaled spectrogram. Visualization created by the author.

An ever expanding list of resources that I use and have used throughout my work on DL stuff.

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MIT Deep Learning

A short script to visualize audio samples

An ongoing list of custom written callbacks that I use for my machine learning research.

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A short walkthrough on writing, reading, and using TFRecords


Dataset overview. By Josef Steppan.

Imports and helper functions

Pascal Janetzky

Deep Learning student, sports fan. Enjoy tangling datasets.

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